Jeff Schatz/Creative Director

  • Concepts & Campaigns
  • Print, Video, Digital
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Production
  • Project Management


Award Winning Work

With years of award-winning experience at GSW Worldwide, SBC Advertising,  Sawyer Riley Compton and as a freelancer, I've worked with hundreds of brands, 

both locally and globally in multiple categories, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, banking, food, insurance and more.

My background as both an art director and a copywriter gives me the ability to create and evaluate work from both disciplines and provide seamless creative services.


Collaboration is king

Good ideas can come from anywhere, so it pays to be a good listener. I work seamlessly with peers, clients, key stakeholders, account teams and vendors to enable a "team first" process and the best possible outcome for the brand.


Follow through

After the idea is execution. I have a deep list of contacts and vendors and experience as a creative director/producer/project manager, supervising casting, location scouting, photo, TV and video shoots, editing, music, animation, print runs, retouching, etc. 

This experience and follow through ensures continuity, expert oversight and a smooth process.




Amplifier Internal Video

GSW Worldwide was looking for innovative ideas from their associates.

We gave them an innovative way to ask for them.

Eli Lilly Sales Meeting Video

Selling depression drugs can be, well, depressing. We lifted the spirits of the Eli Lilly neuroscience sales force with a live performance by Josh Krajcik, the runner-up from TVs The X-Factor.

(NOTE: The audio here is the scratch track. Josh performed live at the event with the video projected behind him.

Grange Insurance Video

The Grange Insurance Road Show visits key markets and brings their widespread reps together to learn and get motivated.

We created the Agents of Change theme to highlight Grange's new products and innovations.

"Best Day"- Lifetown Fundraising Video

LifeTown, a center for learning disabled students, provides a unique, real world environment where valuable life skills are taught.

For many of them and their parents, their time at the center is their "best day." 

TV Commercials:

Historical reel of past TV spots